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About Me



My name is Erion Knighton. I am a wife and mother of 3 boys. I live in beautiful Las Vegas, NV and I am a full time business owner. I have been planning and scrapbooking for many years. My Granny introduced me to scrapbooking when I was young. As an adult I was reintroduced to planners by a coworker. She invited me to join “We love EC" on Facebook. I fell in love with the concept of sending and receiving RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness) every week. As an avid member of the group, I made new friends and noticed many of us had something in common. At the time (2016) there were very few shops that offered stickers that truly represented Black planners. We didn't have stickers for some of our cultural tasks. There weren't many dolls with our hair textures and styles. Juneteenth wasn't represented in any planner I'd ever seen. There was clearly a void that needed to be filled in the community and I was ready to fill it. 

I brought my ideas home and created my first sticker, “wash day". After successfully creating 10 listings, I opened my Etsy shop. Cookie Sticker Co was immediately a success. I spent many hours and sleepless nights fulfilling orders. It was very clear that this was what I was meant to do and the community LOVED IT

After 2 years, I was on my own platform WWW.COOKIESTICKERCO.COM. From here I gained the following and customer base I needed to put my biggest project into place, Washi Tape! I wanted to become the first Black owned washi tape shop. I wanted to provide diversity in a product that we all know and love! This was a huge leap of faith, washi tape is expensive to make and requires a lot of buying power. My tapes began to sell out in minutes once released and I have been able to grow my washi collection to compete with some of the biggest names in the planner community.