Do you have a question about ordering from my new site? Read below! Many of the frequently asked questions are addressed in this section.

When can I order some amazing Cookie Washi?

Most items will begin with a presale. During presale you can order washi for a limited time prior to the washi being in stock. This is the best time to purchase, and gives you a much better chance of grabbing a roll. If you miss presale keep your eyes peeled, there will be restock sales over time but supplies will be limited. 

How many rolls can I order?

During presale there is no limit on the amount of rolls per person. 

When do I pay during presale?

Payment for presale works the same as payment during restock. Payment is up front at the time of check out. 

When will I receive my washi?

Presale washi has a processing time of 45-60 days. Restock has a processing time of 2-3 weeks. 

How do I find out about new releases and presale dates?

The best way to stay notified is to join the Cookie Sticker Co FB group. You can join the group by clicking the Facebook icon on the home page or searching Cookie Sticker Co Group on Facebook. Turn on notifications for the group so that you never miss a post.