BUY ALL BUNDLE 🌈 (Limit 2)

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🌈BUY ALL BUNDLE🌈 Rainbow Pride 

RED Rainbow Confetti Set (15mm)

BLUE Rainbow Confetti Set (10mm) 

*at random - RED 10mm OR BLUE 15mm*

ORANGE Rainbow Confetti Set (15/10mm) 

GREEN - Rainbow Confetti Set (15/10mm) 

YELLOW Rainbow Confetti Set (15/10mm)

PURPLE Rainbow Confetti Set (15/10mm)

BABY DRIP Rainbow Confetti Set (6 rolls - 5mm) 

DRIP Rainbow Foil Set (3 rolls - 15/15/5mm) 

MELANIN Rainbow Foil (10mm) 

ANKH Rainbow Foil (15mm) 

FREE Drip Gang Rainbow sticker sheet


Due to a severe shortage in both the 15mm blue confetti roll and the 10mm red confetti roll, there will be some adjustments to the bundles. Each buy all bundle will include one of every roll that is in full stock, HOWEVER we will randomly place EITHER a (low in stock) 15mm blue OR a (low in stock) 10mm red confetti roll in the bundle. If your bundle includes a full red set , you will be getting the 10mm BLUE roll free. If your bundle includes a full blue set. you will be getting the 15mm red roll free. No bundle will have both the full red set and the full blue set together. Stock is extremely low unfortunately and this is the only way for us to fairly distribute the washi without holding the release or removing both sets completely. These sets will also NOT be available for purchase individually. Bundles typically have a limit of 2 so we will try our best to make sure anyone who has purchased more than one bundle gets one of each bundle variation BUT THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE as it slows down processing time.

*Drip Washi is an exclusive product of Cookie Sticker Co. Cookie Sticker Co Washi is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY and not permitted for replication or resell including resell as samples*